Closing (adaptive) cycles

As part of a closing cycle in my professional life, I have recently presented a summary of my research work of the past thirteen years at a relevant conference in San Sebastián (Spain). This is a closing, not an end. With more amazing work underway in my long-term case study, the Doñana Coastal Region (Biosphere Reserve), in collaboration with maverick researchers untiringly trying to change the old ways of doing things, it is time for me to gather the lessons learnt, reap the harvest and change course. As part of a new path, I also would like to (re)launch this blog and share my knowledge and experiences with the like-minded, the critic, the skeptics and the brick heads. More content on my contribution to social-ecological research and institutional analysis to come soon...meanwhile, I hope that you enjoy this summary poster telling our story in Doñana.

Following the kaizen route

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