"…or how I apply collaborative learning and science into the 'real world'."
Knowmad consultancy and facilitation

I enjoy working in the resolution of complex problems with other people, in design thinking mode. When in a consultancy capacity, my role is an analyst applying research-based ways for improving policy and decision making under uncertainty in different sectors: natural resources; nature conservation; ecosystem management; environmental, coastal and urban planning; biodiversity; fisheries; tourism; and emergency aid. Dealing with problems at different executive and management levels, I work collaboratively with multi-stakeholder groups including corporate, governmental and non-governmental actors using a wide variety of approaches to address uncertainty, competing interests, and different sources of risk and trade-offs among alternatives. Examples include Structured Decision Making and System Dynamics à la Vennix et al.

Since my work often requires prior processes of networking and building trust among stakeholders, I also have experience in facilitating and organising (individually or collaboratively) social interaction in meetings and workshops, sometimes in conflictive or competitive situations. When in a facilitation capacity, I use approaches and toolsets specifically tailored to address the situation at hand, identifying collective or organisational problems, devising solutions and strategies, and evaluating performance and results (e.g., Bayesian Networks, Group Model Building, Focus Groups, Problem Tree Analysis, Strategy Tables, etc.). Finally, I enjoy participating, normally on a voluntary basis, in entrepreneurial and social innovation processes that promote human rights or far-reaching change towards equality and sustainability at broader socioeconomic and political levels.

If you are further interested in my work, please see my portfolio, current projects and publications.