Rules for a happy work-life engagement to break

"They give me peace of mind. I hope they are of help for you, in this or adapted form" 

1. Respect your own rules. Keep adapting them as you learn, and learning from them as you adapt. 

2. Breathe deeply and drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up. Think. Visualise your day. Repeat, you didn’t do it well before. 

3. Be present, care for your most beloved, give a hand and express gratitude. Also learn when is the best time to escape, to regain energy and get recovered. 

4. Stay rested, have fun, focus and make a plan. Do not be afraid of the block; if thinking fast, walk slow, if thinking slow, walk fast. Everything starts with a first step, a list or a gentle word, but, luckily, things never go exactly as planned. 

5. Do not use up the work batches, respect transition and rest times. Try not to continue past the point of fatigue, nor reach exhaustion levels. 

6. Never cease learning and make it your non-negotiable bargaining chip, and you will constantly find yourself amazed on the verge of the impossible. Focus on what you can manage, including the risks of the uncontrollable, and embracing uncertainty and surprise. 

7. Do not underestimate anyone nor any fact, and add respect and honesty to your non-negotiables and manageables. Act always with the same attitude towards people and with readiness for the unforeseen. 

8. Don't push yourself to socialise, be yourself. Minimize contact with the toxic and opaque; search for the translucent and creative. Avoid the hype, you are probably being used. 

9. Let emotion, gut feelings and intuition free, reason afterwards. In reverse order. 

10. Continuously search for the conditions to push your creativity at its maximum and stay foolish, but also humble and sceptic. One thing at a time (batch work); show the world the meaning of time. 

11. Drink water and eat healthy, keep warm and have good sleep. But go sailing sometimes. 

12. Minimize your basic needs and learn to live with the essential things. But fancy a local good pair of shoes from time to time. Your backbone will be grateful. 

13. Let negative thoughts to slip away and positivize things in a balanced manner. 

14. Do not use watches. But be always on time and set alarms for the crossroads. 

15. Principle of readiness: Be constantly in a beginner's state of mind, under-promising, experimenting and failing fast, and always in step = n-1. You will already be there upon others arrival, thus over-delivering. 

16. Sleeping rules: 7 hours without caffeine, 5 without hard work, 2 without food, 1 without screens, 0 snooze. 

17. Your outfit says a lot from you. It speaks especially loud when contrasted with your underwear. 

18. Break all the rules from time to time, ease your mind, just enjoy life and do not expect anything in return. This refers to all rules but one: 19. 

19. Once you have earnestly and honestly bought all your time, realise full focus. By that time, it should be the remaining step. 

A last one not mine (a bit modified): kill the impostor syndrome. Everybody has been stroke by good luck at least once at some point in their lives or has been pushed by others due to their worth, including their academic value. You can also empower, encourage and boost some other person's talent, without breaking any ethical rule. Beware of the opportunists, social climbers, upstarts and arrivistes.